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You Choose How to Price It



Customers pay, not you.
Let us explain. With surcharge pricing, you offset your credit card processing costs by passing the fees onto your customers if they choose to pay with a credit card. This fee covers the cost of the transaction, ensuring your business pays little to nothing for processing.

80% of businesses in the US now use this method.
Offset payment processing costs with Merchantify's compliant surcharging. Drive your net costs down to 0%. *Where eligible, the credit card discount rate is offset by the surcharge.

Increase revenue. Zero cost to you.
Cut credit card processing fees Seamlessly pass up to 100% of credit card fees onto customers online or in-person. Give customers the option to choose debit for a no-fee transaction.

Compliance and security.
Stay fully compliant with state laws and credit card brand rules. Merchantify prioritizes compliance and security, protecting your payments from processing fees while leading in merchant advocacy and regulation.

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Interchange Plus

This is the traditional way, where you pay the fee.

This model consists of interchange fees set by card networks ensuring you pay only the true cost of processing. Unlock savings with Interchange Plus. Pay the true cost of processing. The average fees for 2024 are between 1.15% to 3.5% all based on such things as the type of card, your transaction volume, your industry, the amount, the processing method and the card network.

A low cost to you to maximize savings.
We will make sure to offer you the lowest processing fees, whereas other companies have you paying outrageous fees. With Merchantify enjoy reduced rates with clear, predictable pricing. Interchange Plus often leads to lower overall fees, helping your business save more.

Transparent pricing.
No hidden fees See exactly what you're paying for. Honest, upfront pricing ensures no surprises or hidden costs. Merchantify keeps everything clear and simple and we ensure full compliance with all regulations, offering a secure and transparent payment processing experience. Know what you’re paying for with Interchange Plus.

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Dual Pricing


Dual pricing offers the customer two different prices: one for credit card payments and a much lower one for cash, ACH or debit payments. This allows customers to decide how they want to pay and helps you, as the business owner to lower processing costs dramatically, for some merchants eliminating them.

Lower processing fees.
Encourage customers to pay with cash or debit by offering them a discount. Dual pricing helps reduce the impact of credit card processing fees on your business.

Full transparency to the client.
Merchantify ensures both prices are displayed clearly, so customers know their options. No hidden fees, just straightforward pricing.

Customer empowerment.
Choice and flexibility Give your customers the power to choose their payment method. Dual pricing offers flexibility and promotes cost-effective transactions.

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[mer′chant]        noun

[ME, from French marchant, based on Latin mercari ‘to trade’, from ‘merchandise’]

1  somewhat old-fashioned: someone who buys and sells goods especially in large amounts.

2  a person or business that accepts credit card payments from customers in exchange for goods or services.

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