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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Merchantify Payments?
    We make credit card processing simple and 100% stress-free. Our goal was set by our founder to provide transparent, flexible, and exceptional service so you can just DO business without any worries. We fight tooth and nail to save you money and eliminate any and all unnecessary fees other companies may have burdened you with! This is why our clients love our free savings analysis.
  • Do I need to sign a long-term contract?
    Nope. Our services are month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime.
  • Is Merchantify right for my industry?
    Absolutely! We love working with non-profits, collectible shops, galleries, HVAC, home repair, B2B, medical, and too many to list here. The list is endless with the exception of dispensaries, psychiatry and pornography. We customize payment solutions for your business's unique needs.
  • What are the benefits of switching to you?
    No long-term contracts, transparent pricing, seamless software integration, high security, and exceptional support. Plus, save by eliminating processing fees with our surcharge accounts. And we use the largest, most reputable processor in the USA.
  • Can I customize my payment processing solution?
    Yes. We offer customizable solutions to fit your specific needs, including tailored pricing plans and integration options.
  • Can you connect with my existing software?
    Seamlessly. We integrate with QuickBooks, Shopify, Square, Claris Filemaker, WooCommerce, Magento, Salesforce, NetSuite, Xero, Zoho, SAP, Stripe, PayPal, Microsoft Dynamics, Lightspeed, BigCommerce, Revel Systems, Vend, and Clover. API available for custom integrations.
  • How do I track my transactions?
    Use our user-friendly dashboard to monitor transactions, view detailed reports, and manage your account.
  • How much does it cost to apply?
    It's free to apply! We'll evaluate your existing fees instantly and calculate how much we can save you. If you already have a killer deal, we'll confirm it for you.
  • How do your rates compare to other popular processors?
    We beat the competition! QuickBooks, Intuit, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify Payments, PayAnywhere, SquareSpace Commerce, Amazon Pay, and Braintree all charge more. Get the best rates without hidden costs. Why pay more?
  • Can I really eliminate all processing fees?
    Absolutely! Pass the processing fees to your customers with our surcharge accounts. Start saving now!
  • What are the current average processing fees?
    In 2024, fees range from 1.15% to 3.5% of the transaction amount, plus a fixed fee of $0.05–$0.30. Factors like card type, processor, business type, transaction size, and more can affect these rates. Amex tends to be the highest.
  • What types of pricing do you offer?
    We offer 3 pricing options: Surcharge Accounts: Your customers cover the processing fees, not you. Interchange Plus: You pay the standard fee set by the card networks plus a small, fixed fee from us. Dual Pricing: Offer a discount for customers who pay with cash.
  • How fast is the application process?
    Quick and efficient. Most businesses are accepted and can start processing payments in 24-48 hours.
  • Who will be accepted?
    Almost everyone. Exceptions include marijuana dispensaries, psychiatrists, and pornography-related businesses.
  • What if I need help with my account?
    Our support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat.
  • How secure is Merchantify?
    Extremely secure. We meet the highest standards, protecting your customers' data with top-tier encryption.


[mer′chant]        noun

[ME, from French marchant, based on Latin mercari ‘to trade’, from ‘merchandise’]

1  somewhat old-fashioned: someone who buys and sells goods especially in large amounts.

2  a person or business that accepts credit card payments from customers in exchange for goods or services.

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