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Who We Are

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Here's to those who dislike the ordinary, who seek simplicity in a world of complexity. Meet Merchantify Payments, a team of dynamic payment experts and innovators led by entrepreneur and artist Alicia Suárez.

We’re here to make credit card processing friendly, eliminating needless fees and industry gimmicks. We believe in making our clients feel secure while dodging wasteful charges.

Our mission? To make financial transactions easy and stress-free, reflecting Alicia's dedication to joy and simplicity.

Join us and discover where simplicity meets excellence—and savings.

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Our President

Alicia Suárez

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Meet Alicia Suárez, a breeze of energy and creativity. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Alicia is a celebrated fine artist, a branding guru, and a passionate entrepreneur based in Tampa Bay. With a rich background in corporate design and marketing from Syracuse University, her dynamic spirit infuses everything she touches.

Fast, passionate, and full of life, Alicia pours her heart into each venture. She's a mother of three, an experienced entrepreneur, and an artist whose work graces major collections.

As the business director of a software development company for way too long, Alicia combines her tech-savvy skills with her artistic vision. At Merchantify Payments, her goal is to cut through the complexities and make credit card processing simple and almost free, bringing clarity and ease to financial transactions.

Outside of business, you’ll find Alicia at the gym or cruising in her bright red golf cart, Latin music playing. Deeply passionate about her Puerto Rican heritage, she volunteers at several social betterment organizations.

Alicia's mission for Merchantify is clear: "to bring simplicity, creativity, and relief to a traditionally extortionate industry."

Contact Alicia anytime!

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