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Payment Solutions

We get you. A menu of products and services to fit exactly what your business needs. We are known to streamline everything, even selecting what you need. Discover payment processing tailored just for you.


Imagine processing credit card and e-check transactions without ever leaving your QuickBooks® environment. Picture happy employees! Payment records automatically generated, and the end of duplicate data entry—making life faster and easier. Envision paying your vendors with a seamless integration, unlike anything else in the industry. This is more than just convenience; it’s a revolution in how you do business.

Payments through Quickbooks

Envision a complete payment management system that makes processing simple. Picture accepting payments, managing your account, and tracking statements all through CardPointe’s centralized portal and easy-to-integrate systems. For businesses that primarily accept payments in person, CardPointe offers everything you need to serve your customers hassle-free. This isn’t just payment processing; it’s a streamlined experience designed to make your business thrive.


Visualize your business upgraded with Clover POS systems—a powerful, modern way to process credit cards. Easily integrated and efficient, Clover benefits both you and your customers with customizable features tailored to your needs. Our support continues beyond the sale, helping you select and integrate features to maximize your Clover experience. This is more than a transaction; it’s a partnership for your success.

Clover POS System

Picture the simplicity of taking credit cards with terminals you can trust. Offering the latest in both traditional and mobile terminals, you ensure fast transaction times and the data security your customers expect. With 24-hour rapid support, you'll never worry about losing revenue or inconveniencing customers due to downtime. Welcome to a new era of seamless, reliable payments.

Credit Card Terminals

Now here's a developer’s dream come true. Our REST payment APIs empower your software to accept all payment types, crafting a unique customer experience. With access to our complete set of APIs, your solutions seamlessly integrate within your environment, giving you the freedom to innovate without limits.

Payment API For Developers

What about all the benefits of using Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards ERP platforms. Partnering your ERP system with CardChamp lets your business run efficiently without sacrificing security. An Oracle-validated or SAP-validated solution requires no modifications to install, making it a seamless integration for you and your developers.

ERP Payment Gateway

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